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You are the owner or executive manager of a company with 20-80 staff

Your business is growing dynamically, the number of people is growing and this creates the need to introduce rules, policies and standards to ensure effective people management and hence the desired business results.

Your challenges

are related to the fact that at the moment you have difficulty in establishing order and structure in the company and you still have to participate in the operational activities. You don’t always manage to find, train, motivate and keep the right people in the right positions. You probably often doubt whether your people can perform the tasks as you expect and as you would perform them yourself. You have the feeling that communication in
the organization does not go smoothly and this leads to inefficiency.

What you need most now

is the introduction of a strategic approach in your company to
create a structure, order and organization of work. You also need a system for finding quality people to attract the right employees and be able to motivate and retain them to achieve better productivity and growth of your business.


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My work is based on proven strategies from the 10-step people management system I
created. These steps are the basis of the 3 main indicators that lead to predictable results: satisfied employees and customers, growth of business results and more free time.

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